What You Must Know Before You Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Deciding to have plastic surgery can be a difficult decision. Many people who have cosmetic surgery have excellent outcomes and are thrilled with the results. They benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence. Their renewed confidence may lead to improved prospects at work or perhaps a new relationship. Others may feel that the result was less than they expected. Often, the difference between these two scenarios is choosing the right plastic surgeon. The popularity of plastic surgery has increased dramatically in recent years and large numbers of doctors have entered the field to try and meet the demand. Any licensed physician can call him or herself a plastic or cosmetic surgeon; accordingly it is critical that you know what qualifications to look for. cirujano plastico bogota

A good place to begin your search for a plastic surgeon is referrals from your family doctor or from friends, colleagues or relatives that have been happy with the results of their surgery. Hospital staff such as nurses, surgeons and anesthesia specialists are also excellent sources of referrals. You may also want to do some research on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages. Once you have in mind some likely candidates, there are some further steps you must take. You want the surgeon performing your procedure to be not just a specialist but a super-specialist. The more a surgeon performs a particular surgery, the more his or her skills are refined. You want a surgeon who has been performing your procedure on a weekly or greater basis for a period of several years. Such a surgeon is likely to have formed a team that is extremely well practiced in their specific skills.

The next step is to call the office of each of your surgeon candidates and ask what is the top 5 procedures performed by the surgeon. If your procedure is not among the top 5, cross this doctor off your list.

The next step is to:

Check with your State Medical Board, this is a place where critical information on your prospective surgeon can be found. For example, the Medical Board of California, www.medbd.ca.gov, provides extensive information such as:

If a physician has been disciplined or formally accused of wrongdoing by the Board or if a physician’s practice has been temporarily restricted or suspended pursuant to a court order.


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