Modern Planters That Complement Your Outdoor Furniture

We typically make our outdoor spaces into a place where we can spend time to rest or bond with our family. We have patios, balconies, decks, or verandas. We intentionally design them with modern furniture, beautiful plants in contemporary planters, and some outdoor decorations such as pergolas, trellises, fire pits, or wind chimes. It is more relaxing to hang out in an open space so these outdoor areas are our best option at home. We always put plants in these areas because they can relieve us from stress and can soothe our minds. wicker plant pot 

For the plants to go well with our exterior design, we can use commercial planters. Planter boxes are being used as accessories for interior and exterior designs. Modern planters now have special designs that complement your outdoor furniture to create a stunning exterior arrangement. Here are some of the planter boxes that will perfectly complement your outdoor furniture:

Contemporary planters
Commercial planters now have contemporary styles that can enhance the elegance of your outdoor spaces. They come in different forms and innovations that can perfectly complement your modern design. There are commercial planters with metal accents, illuminated modern planters, and urn-shaped fiberglass planters that will add a chic touch to your outdoor spaces.

Wood Planters
Outdoor furniture are usually made of wood. So wooden commercial planters will best complement these kinds of furniture. If you worry about the sustainability of wood in outdoor areas, you may choose other materials such as or PVC planters that can simulate the appearance of wood.

Wrought Iron Planters
Benches or furniture sets made of wrought iron or metal can be complemented with wrought iron planters. They are good for outdoor use because of their durability and resistance to bad weather conditions.

Custom Planters
If you can’t find planter boxes that would complement your exterior design, you can order for custom planters that are specially made according to your own preferences.


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